• Who Am I
  • Building Your Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Skills
    Building your self-esteem
    Make positive first impressions
    Projecting self-confidence
    Negative vs. positive thinking
    Communication skills
  • Getting Your Job Search Started
    Change and transitions
    Values check
    Skill and ability
    The job market
    Invite your network
    Ready, set, goal!
  • Creating a Dynamite Job Portfolio
    Who are You?
    Writing the Resume
    Cover Letters
    Getting to a New Job in 60 Days
    Goal Setting
    Thank You Notes
  • Mastering the Interview
    Understanding the Interview
    Types of Question
    Getting Ready
    Following up the Interview
    Common Problems and Solutions
    Practice Makes Perfect


  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Business Etiquette – Gaining That Extra Edge
  • Business Writing that Works
  • Communication Strategies
  • Conflict Resolution – Dealing with Difficult People
  • Customer Service Training – Critical Elements of Customer Service
  • Public Speaking – Presentation Survival School
  • Public Speaking – Speaking Under Pressure
  • Skills for the Administrative Assistant
  • SpeakEasy – Conquering Your Fear of Speaking in Public
  • The Minute-Taker’s Workshop
  • Time Management – Get Organized for Peak Performance
  • Working Smarter – Using Technology to Your Advantage
  • Writing Reports and Proposals